So it seems my plans for this year were derailed slightly already.

Last month I didn’t get sat down to plan a marketing strategy or anything quite so sensible. Instead I found my self having three new ideas, one of which I started writing immediately and have already finished. Yup that’s right, I dropped everything for a brand new idea. So my releases this year have probably gone up by one, although they’ve all been shifted back a little.

I managed to write over 22k words last month which makes it my best month other than a November yet, so there was some merit in just writing the story I was most excited about.

This also meant I hit that 200k in 12 months benchmark I was hoping for (not including blogs or anything not intended for publication). I am really pleased with that so far but I still think I can up it even further, so over the rest of this year I want to try and beat each month’s word count last year by about 1k words and keep clawing up the numbers bit by bit.

So the plan for Feb is pretty much two things, marketing as I really haven’t done much in ages and write the end of Sherdan’s Legacy. I’ve got a 19k word count for Feb last year to beat so this month’s target is another 20k count. I’ll start with trying to chip away at that and see how it goes then allocate the rest of the month to some serious marketing, especially as there will now be an ebook release some time this month.