Last Month

I’ve only actually been at work for about 12 working days of this month thanks to the jubilee weekend health issues and my yearly summer holiday so I’m not going to bother with a bullet list for my recent activities.

I’ve managed to get Chains of Freedom completely finished and that should be published in less than a weeks time. I’ll blog with more info on that very very shortly.

Other then that I’ve focused on keeping Sherdan’s going on the blog here and writing the latest novel. I update my progress bars on the right roughly once per week so you can see where I’m at there.

On top of that I’ve read a heck of a lot while resting this month and there will be some more book reviews coming up to cover the best of those.

This Month I’m still on holiday for the first week even though there’s also the literary night I’m part of tomorrow evening in Bath. For more details on that check out tomorrow’s blog.

I want to make serious inroads into shattered and get it at least close to finished this month. My aim is somewhere around 25-30k words of that. If I have time I’ll also then do the second draft of For Such a Time as This and hopefully not much after that have my edits for the rest of Sherdan’s back to progress that to the next stage. By then I’m highly likely to be into August though.