Last Month

I had a very busy but fairly relaxed month last month and pretty much did everything I wanted to so here’s the bullet list.

  • Wrote approx 12k words by hand
  • Typed approx 25k words (including emails and blogs)
  • Spent approx 40 hours marketing and promoting
  • Worked about 40 hours for red feather
  • Read for about 40 hours
  • Sent 44 emails

As you can see it was fairly low key, mostly promoting and I worked alone a lot this month. Not much communication with others except for marketing and promoting purposes and I finished quite a few books.

I finished the short story/novella I was working on as well as finished the 2nd draft of Sherdan’s as you can probably see from my new progress bars on the right. I also helped the author Andrew Bellingham with the book launch for his first ebook, Elsa’s Reality.

In the promoting side of things I had an interview featured on another author’s blog, probably the most fun interview I’ve ever done here. I also had Innocent hearts featured on a blog in a list of young adult fantasy stories here.

Sales are up again and have for the fourth month in a row over doubled the year before with twice the number of ebooks so progress is still being made.

This Month I want to do all the research for novel 4. I have a feeling it’s going to require more than the other books I’ve written so far but I don’t want to say any more then that at this point.

My editor has also informed me that he’s almost finished with Chains of Freedom so I’m hoping to have that back shortly so I can do the edits and get it out to my proof readers. I probably won’t start the next novel until I’ve done that. But basically if you’re eager for more work, hurry my editor up!

I’ve also got a few days off this month around the first bank holiday so I’m going to go explore some countryside and refuel my creative batteries a bit.