Last month

Here’s the bullet list for last month’s work.

  • Typed approx 10k words (including emails and blogs)
  • Spent about 15 hours reading
  • Spent about 10 hours working for Flight
  • Spent about 20 hours working for Red Feather Writing
  • Spent about 5 hours promoting book 1
  • Approved the final print version of book 1 and ordered the first copies
  • Arranged book launch party
  • Did all my NaNoWriMo prep
  • Second drafted book 2
  • Final drafted 2 shorts
  • Sent 67 emails

I feel like I’ve had a realy productive month this month, I think I’ve knocked off about 10 things that have been on my to-do list for a while. I’ve not got much left on it at all which has prompted me to finally decide to do NaNoWriMo. At the start of last month I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to get enough done to manage it but I did with a few days to spare.

Most importantly I finally got book 1 completely finished. Other than marketing it there really isn’t anything left for me to do. As I’ve noted in a lot of places I’m now taking pre-orders for the first few copies of the book. I’ll be signing them and selling them at my book launch party but I’ve had a large number of pre-orders already. I may well have to get some more before the actual party in December to make sure I have enough. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a high demand for the print book. I guess print isn’t quite as dead as I thought it was.

The party is going to be at Starbucks on December 17th in Bath, there is a facebook event page here and anyone that wants to come is more than welcome, just click the attending button on the public event page or comment below to let me know you want to come and if you want to pre-order a book.

This Month I’m obviously doing NaNoWriMo so I literally don’t expect to do anything else, other than eat lots of hot soup, chocolate and other easy to prepare but yummy to eat foods.