I totally loved the trailor for this film, I mean fighting robots and Hugh Jackman, who wouldn’t? A friend love filmed the blu-ray so we watched it as a group one lazy Sunday afternoon.

It was really interesting watching Hugh Jackman play a really not so nice father and ex husband. The trailor didn’t imply he was anything but a down on his luck boxer but it turned out he was a complete jerk and it actually really worked. I found myself loving to hate him.

The plot was incredibly predictable. Ass gets beat up, loses everything and has to rebuild it all while realising it was his own fault things went south in the first place. He soon learnt some easy to figure out life lessons and got on with things though.

The robot fights were very robot wars esque and I kept hoping Craig Charles would pop up and say, ‘let the wars begin!’ at some point but unfortunately he didn’t.

I also didn’t really get from the trailor what role the kid would play and the kid was awesome! He provided 90% of the comedy in this film and boy was it good comedy. I really hope this little actor has a long career ahead of himself.

By far the best bits in the film were when they put the robot, Atom, in shadow mode. He would literally copy the moves of the person in front of him. It looked amazing and provided the rest of the laughs as people picked up drinks and the robot copied etc and all sorts of other cute things. And, finally the best scenes in the whole film, when the kid danced and the robot copied. Pure genius!

I definitely want to own this film and one day, hopefully, my very own boxing robot with shadow function!