This is another book I recently read by the author Paul Kater. Like most of his work it’s quite quirky.

In the blurb for this book it mentions that if you love Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ then you’ll enjoy this one, and I’d just like to say that I completely agree. This story about a black ship and it’s realtively independent journey through space and time is very similar in feel and quirkyness to Douglas Adam’s classic.

With the main character and focus being the ship’s journey you don’t have a massively complicated plot and there’s no massive conclusion to the book. The ship is made and then off it goes. But it’s journey is worth going along with, as several different aliens find when it turns up near them.

This sort of story all ways reminds me of how awesome it is being different and still finding somewhere and some people to be different with. Oddballs, Geeks, Nerds and wacky creative types really do make the best travelling companions for any runaway ship.