Last Friday I attended the Trauma Recovery Centre’s 4th Birthday Party and it was super awesome to go hang out with these awesome people for the evening (and who doesn’t like an excuse for a party).

TRC AwardThe TRC are a charity I’ve mentioned several times. They really do great work in a lot of different areas related to child trauma and have helped so many kids and adults already. They also have an amazing facebook page you can check out and like here or their awesome website here. You only need to take a quick glance at their page to see the awesome things they’re doing and the lives they’re changing for the better.

While at the party they shared a couple of stories from parents who’d had their children and themselves supported by the TRC and then a couple of awards were given out. It was great to take time away from the heroics of my characters to go listen and appreciate the even more meaningful heroics of ordinary people doing the best they can. Life often hands us difficult times, surprise events and even occasionally the loss of people we love. It’s good to know that when the worst happens there are people to help pick up the pieces. The TRC do just that.

Unfortunately there is always more they could do and more people that need the help they provide, so if you have some spare cash please consider donating to them and know it will go to helping people when they need it most.