I’ve had a regular slot in my blog schedule where I share something I’ve been doing recently and for the most part this has varied. I have been considering with book 3 that it might be fun to post everything here as I go. Not only would it be a great motivator for me to write regularly but it also means you, the readers, will get to see the whole writing process I go through, right from the start to the finished published book.

It also means as readers you can be involved in the whole process. Don’t like something, comment and let me know. Love something and want to make sure its there for the final cut, comment too.

What about book 2 I hear you cry? Well that’s almost finished so should have first draft out of the way before I want to start on this, although it will need the odd edit here and there it should be mostly finished.

Book 3 is possibly going to be a new genre as well. I wish to try and turn my previous blog post on forming ideas into a plot for a whole series of books. It seemed fitting that the idea was first mentioned here for it to be the book I try.

So what do people think? Something you would love to read? Ideas on how I could do it and opinions on the initial idea would be much appreciated.