This book was suggested to me by the author when I mentioned I did book reviews on my blog so I downloaded the sample and checked it out.

I was less than half way through the sample before I knew I had to get the rest of this book and find out what happened, and less than a day later I’d munched through the whole thing (I was very loath to put it down to sleep).

The main character, Mark, was engaging and I really felt his frustration, especially at the US system (it still bugs me that people can lose everything just because someone in their family gets sick). The story was interesting and I was spoonfed details at enough of a pace to keep me interested yet slow enough I found it difficult to guess quite what would happen next.

I also totally loved Amber. She was one very cool kid and it gave a softer side to Mark to see him interacting with her.

The book was quite short and I got through it very quickly so I’d love to see some longer works by this author but they definitely have a new fan in me either way.