Normally I’d have an Author interview in this slot but they are a lot of work and not always for much reward so I’m giving these a break for now. Instead I’ll have reviews for a while as I’ve been reading and watching so much there’s alot to share on that front.


Trafficked is a novella by the author Sibel Hodge. It’s short, to the point and is a fictional diary of a trafficked woman.

The book goes through her journey from before being trafficked to being rescued. It’s a great attempt in a very different genre to the author’s usual fare at moving people to do something about trafficking.

The topic has evidently been well researched. The author has many details around how the young woman is trafficked. Despite this, however, I didn’t emotionally interact with the book. Everything was a little too perfect. I didn’t feel the diary’s emotion anyway near as much as I was expecting too and as much as I believed the story I didn’t connect with how it must make the slaves feel.

Unfortunately I think it may have been a problem of an author needing to write about things they know to really impact people. I just wasn’t convinced the author knew what it really felt like.

I would still say to people to buy the ebook, however. I think it’s worth reading, just not 5 stars and definitely too short.