This book was given to me by the author in return for a review.

I totally loved the book before this in the series, A Class Apart, and was thrilled when the author, Stephen Henning said I’d be welcome to have this one as well. It’s even better than the first and continues on pretty much where the first left off.

The plot was great and kept me wanting to turn the pages and come back to the book if I had to put it down. There were a few moments when I figured out what was happening before the twins did but considering their ages in the book I think that’s probably more realistic. They aren’t going to figure every little thing out at the first opportunity.

On top of that I thought the way the rumours about the location and previous strange events was weaved with the story was brilliant.

As I said when reviewing the first I loved reading about places I knew. I grew up in Suffolk, near a wood that had similar rumours about it and it made this book come alive and feel so real.

Best book I’ve read this year so far.