This was the next book on my classic challenge. I’ve always wanted to read this one.

White FangWhite Fang is one of the shorter classics books and didn’t take me too long to read. Right from the beginning I was captivated by the way the author explained the minds of wolves and of the peril of the two men in the wilderness and being hunted by a whole pack of the animals.

Just like most classics it seemed like the story took a while to get to its point, although having now finished I’m still not completely sure what all of the story was actually there for. With that said I enjoyed every bit of story. I really think the author’s voice was what did it. I could have had a year’s worth of weather reports in the same voice and enjoyed it.

The last quarter of the book was the best bit. White Fang came into his own and the author gave him a sort of justice to finish things off.

Brilliant short classic by a brilliant writer.