I’m a bit of a computer game geek so was pretty thrilled when a new film was announced about the bad guy in an aracde game no longer wanting to be a bad guy. This was one of those films I made sure I saw in the cinema, although I do want to have a little moan at the Odeon in Bath for having no showing in the evening on a Wednesday that me and my friends could get to in time after work. Also the Vue nearby which did have a viewing when we checked the Monday before suddenly didn’t when we checked again on the Tuesday! We had to drive into Bristol to see the film.

Eventually I got to see this film and I’m so glad I did. It was a great laugh and very retro. The oneliners even made a joke about what being retro meant!

Wreck it Ralph was fantastic and unintentionally wreaked havoc everywhere he went, all because he wanted to party with the good guys.

In this film the games in the arcade are all connected by a hub (the inside of the extension lead sockets) and all the characters can meet up with each other. Wreck It Ralph decides to go awol and try some other games. Introducing us to the woman just to the right of Ralph in the picture above (not the little girly on this shoulder, the other one). Her lines were fantastic, my favourite being – ‘Doomsday and Armageddon just had a baby and it… is… ugly!’

In terms of the plot etc. It was a pretty standard kids film. Main character tries to be something else because he’s bored with who he is, goes off on an adventure to try and find what he wants to be and realises he’s awesome the way he is. Goes back home with a new bunch of friends.

On top of that the soundtrack was amazing, even the credit songs at the end were awesome. So awesome we sat and listened right up until the end (sorry cinema cleaner upper person, we know we kept you waiting). I’m definitely getting both film and soundtrack.