I’ve spent the last few weeks, figuring out the plot for the rest of the story that’s been blogged over the last 5-6 months and I’m finally done. I’ve one very large detailed outline file for the entire branching plot novel, with all its glorious options, endings and variations on the plot.

The first thing I noticed was how large the file got. I had a rough idea of possible plot and the direction things would be steered but I’ve since realised it’s far far too complicated to fit into one single printable book so I’m going to have to have a series of them to get through everything I intended, assuming I can work out a way to write a book 2 with multiple beginnings.

Over the next few weeks I plan on filling in the outlined parts (I can’t imagine it will take me long) and then release the story as an ebook, so anyone who wants to explore other options that didn’t get the majority vote along the way can do so. There are a few differences between the parts I  blogged and how it will appear in the book, but it’s mostly the insertion of a few more options along the way.

I’m really rather excited about this one as there’s a lack of good ebook available novels like the choose your own adventure stories I grew up with as a kid, that aren’t really basic and aimed at children so hopefully this will fill a gap for others and not just me!