I was given a copy of How to Choose a Sweetheart by the author, Nigel Bird, in return for my review.

This has got to be one of the most aptly titled books out there. It’s a very sweet gorgeous story about Max and his journey to get over his ex girlfriend and charm the woman of his dreams.

The whole way through the book was a very real, normal look at life for the average 20-30 ish age adult whose just trying to get through life and find someone to live the highs and lows with. The characters are easy going and quirky without being larger than life and I adored them all.

The plot isn’t the most special going, but the way this is told and seeing it all through Max made it seem like a brand new story and I defintiely didn’t mind that I knew what was going on.

On top of that, the piano teacher, was just plain awesome and was a brilliant sideplot to the main thread.

All in all a brilliant romance with a good bit of real life thrown in.