I’ve been plotting book 3 and in the process have found I needed to do some more research. I wasn’t going to share it but it ended up actually being quite cool, so I am now.

The main point of research I wanted to look into was declaring a patch of land an independant country and whether that was possible. Also if it was possible if it was likely to happen and how easy it was to achieve. It turns out it’s one of those things that is easy in theory but not actually easy to do.

The first info I found was the wiki page on micronations. You can view it here if you’re interested. A micronation is a entity that claims to be a state or country but is not yet recognised as one, for whatever reason.

The page then goes on to list some of these. There are some very special ones. My favourites are the off shore one in the UK where people have claimed an abandoned war brig and called it an independant country and somewhere in Oz A guy declared independance when he couldn’t pay his mortgage and now does not allow lawyers access to his country. People are special, they really are.

The most useful part of wiki’s page however was the list of things needed to become an independant country. I’ve listed those for ease.

  1. A permanent population.
  2. A defined territory.
  3. A Government
  4. The Capacity to enter into relations with other states.

There were then a few other useful pages I found about people and places that were trying to declare independance. The most useful of those I found was a non-country in Georgia that is doing everything it can to become a seperate country from Georgia. The info on that can be found here.

In terms of writing book 3, I’ve decided I’m actually going to make it my NaNoWriMo book. With all the stuff I’ve been doing to prep this book I’ve not given myself enough time to prep another for NaNoWriMo. It also means I’ll get book 3 written quicker than I originally anticipated and should be blogging it sometime either in November or just after. Either way my blog in 12 days time will probably be NaNoWriMo related.