Helmy Kusuma has kindly agreed to do an interview today.

Tell us about your latest project.

There Is Hope, which is a short sci-fi about post-nucleo-calypse world. I wrote this in the middle of finishing my second novella. A little break once in a while works wonders.

So far you have shorts and Novella’s published, do you intend to ever write a novel or prefer to stick to shorter works?

I have a plan to write longer, but the idea might dictate differently. I fell in love with Peony by Pearl S. Buck. I want to write that kind of story.

Do you have any quirks to how you write?

If you consider a well-fed stomach a quirk then a quirk it is. I can hardly think, let alone fantasize, with all those lil’ devils growling inside.

What’s your perfect writing day like?

Sun peering over the clouds after a mild rain, a slightly damp breeze, pungent smell of wild flowers, a glass of water and classical music playing on the background. That is the perfect setting for my perfect writing day. I don’t mind about the count of words.

You seem quite relaxed in your approach to word count per day, do you set yourself any deadlines or keep a relaxed approach to your writing in every aspect?

I guess I am relaxed to the point of lazy. Sometimes I set a deadline, only for it to be missed later on.

Well, I am very new to this kind of thing, so it might change in the future…but I don’t see it coming any time soon. Teehee!

What book do you wish you had written?

‘Inverta’. Huh you say. I intended, originally, to write ‘Inverta’ some six months ago, but inertia got hold of me, so it is currently still a wish.

What are you planning on doing next/What else are you up to?

Taking a bath. Oh, you mean after finishing my second novella. Let me see…I would like to write ‘Inverta’, of course, and in between writing it I will probably finish several short stories and have started a new business.

You sound like you have several ideas that you can move on to when you are finished with your current project, do you keep a record of your ideas for a later date or just start whichever idea is in your mind when it is time to start something new?

When the idea is bugging me enough, I will start writing right away, else I will usually do some sketching and noting. Later, when the idea is more developed, I create a folder and a doc for it.

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