As promised here’s the interview with Anya, thank you everyone that provided questions.

Why have your Church sent you here?

The group Sherdan has set up here has begun to worry them, especially with rumours that he’s following some kind of prophecy about the end of the world. I was sent to find out what was true and what wasn’t. If this is the end times then we’re involved one way or another.

Why did you say yes?

I just felt like it was right. I was talking to someone in my church above me about considering coming to find out and they told me several people in church were all suggesting that it might be good to send someone. I was the only person that thought they might be that someone. So I came. It felt right and I wasn’t the only one that thought so.

Are you scared?

Yes, a little. I was more scared when I first arrived but the longer I am here and still alive the less scared I am and I’ve never been so scared that I’ve not trusted God knows what He is doing. There were points when I had to tell myself ‘just keep going, God know’s what He is doing, just keep going’ etc but I always got through those times.

Do you feel prepared for this?

Yes and no, I know I’ve managed to do everything I need to so far. I still don’t know what the prophecy is but I’m still alive and so far I’ve got through. I’ve always believed we are never put through more than we can handle.

Do you like Sherdan?

So far. He’s more understanding than the others here but he runs this place and I don’t agree with everything they’ve done. He’s a very closed person and won’t talk to me about much. It’s too early to tell yet. I don’t dislike him.

Do you think you’ll survive this?

I don’t know. I try not to think about it. I’m just trying to do what I feel called to. I may well not survive but as I said I try not to think about it.