Last Month’s progress:

The month just gone was pretty much as I imagined it. Lot’s of business stuff, writing contracts, and talking over business details for different things. I did get the first draft of my other short done as well, however, and made a little more progress with book 2 as well as some starting head way on book 3.

  • Played around with our printer’s design system and ordered our first prototype.
  • Hand wrote approx 5k of short stories, excerpts and poetry.
  • Hand wrote approx 2k of book 2.
  • Typed approx 33k words (including emails and blogs).
  • Spent approx 40 hours promoting book 1.
  • Spent approx 15 hours reading.
  • Worked approx 15 hours for Flight.
  • Worked approx 20 hours for t-shirt company.
  • Walked all night up a very large hill for charity.
  • Sent 158 emails.

A lot of the emails were business related so not surprised that figure was so high and is where a lot of my time was taken up. Arranging things and organisation mostly.

You may also notice the hill walking addition this month. A very awesome charity called the TRC have opened recently in Bath to help lead the way in the fight against human trafficking (A practice that currently holds an estimated 27 million, mostly women and children, in slavery). Even though we’ve already done this, the group of 8 of us have left our sponsorship page open a little longer for more people to donate. The charity really is amazing so do expect to hear more about them on my blog and if you want a little more info about the trafficking stuff there is a very nicely worded blog on Flight’s website here.

This Month I plan to have the new clothing company launched. How exciting is that? Our tentative date is currently July 18th, but as soon as we can after that if we don’t quite make it. I should also finally have book 1 in print this month, that feels like a long time coming but I’m working on the cover pretty much as we speak with my designer. Book 2 and book 3 will then be my main focus when not working on the two companies.

On a more personal note it’s my birthday this month as well as my 5th wedding anniversary so I will be taking a little bit of time to spend with my amazing husband, he really does have to put up with a lot with me being so busy all the time.