I thought long and hard about seeing this movie, not able to decide if I’d like the combination of western and sci-fi. Then I saw the trailor and realised both Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were in the film and my mind was made up, yes I’m aware how shallow that is but I really actually liked Daniel Craig as bond, and, well Bond and Indiana together just gave me goosebumps.

Well I watched it and to be honest it was pretty much what I expected. Horses, explosions, a very surly Daniel Craig, a grouchy but cute Indiana and plenty of really ugly looking aliens in spaceships. It’s one of those films where the trailor lets you know the mood and the genre lets you know the rest.

It wasn’t badly acted but it was nothing special. It was definitely like taking Bond and Indiana and putting them together in the wild west with a healthy topping of Extra Terrestrial. Bond was bond and shot stuff and Indiana made wise cracks and was responsible for exploring stuff. The cinematography was good but nothing special and it was a fairly standard action movie.

I loved the film and had a blast watching it. If you like Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig you’ll probably like it to. If you like one of the two it would probably be bearable but if you don’t like either it wouldn’t be worth watching, not even for the aliens, or Sam Rockwell as he doesn’t even get to dance in this film.