This isn’t actually a subject I profess to be that knowledgeable about. I would definitely consider myself to be a creative mind, but in terms of living with it, well I regularly forget to eat, I’m emotional at the best of times and sometimes absolutely nothing will convince me to put my pen down and stop writing.

However, a couple I greatly admire, Jeff and Julie Crabtree have recently finished putting a book together, Living With A Creative Mind. This book is something I’ve been waiting to read for many years. Ever since the first time I had the privilege of hearing Jeff and Julie speak. I’ve been fortunate enough to get an early copy of the book and will be reviewing it as soon as I have finished reading it. For now though just check out the website where you can read the first chapter free. You can also buy it but if you’re not in Oz the shipping rates are a little nasty. They are working on getting it available to the rest of the world.

Seriously if you’re not even sure you are a creative mind it’s good reading for understanding anyone in your world that is creative and why they seem so crazy most of the time.