Ok so todays how to is more of an observation/plea for help then me actually being serious.

Over the last few months I’ve noticed an increased amount of comments both here and on places like facebook when I link to my blogs and I’m really not complaining. It’s nice that you’re all reading and saying stuff back. I have noticed though that you’re all male. I’ve only ever had two comments from a female over the lifetime of my blogging that I might be able to consider from a regular reader.

On top of that I’ve noticed that the people who come up to me in the daytime at whatever I’m going to socially and comment on my latest blogs are also always male.

I have to admit I’m completely baffled by this. I at first thought that maybe the females were just lurking and not commenting so asked a few females of my acquaintance whether they were reading the blog so far they have all said no, admittedly I don’t have many females in my general friendship group. I’m not particularly feminine at the best of times and grew up with three brothers so didn’t spend much time as a child playing with dolls or make up.

I do wonder if it’s maybe a more male thing to go reading other peoples blogs, however. More of the males I know have blogs. In fact until recently I didn’t know any females at all with one. Maybe men just prefer the not so in your face way to express themselves and get to know other people where as women prefer face to face interaction.

So what do my readers think? Is it me and my style that isn’t engaging the females or is it blogs in general? Either way any suggestions to get more female readers?