This is another Matt Damon film I watched recently. I kinda like the actor and figured thisĀ  one might be worth watching, especially after finding out the makers also made the ocean’s films. I really liked those.

I was slightly missled by the trailor for this film. The trailor played on all the comedic aspects of the film while the film itself was a little more serious. It was still funny, don’t get me wrong but there was a serious underlying tone that took away from the full comedy.

Over a lot of the film there was the main character’s thoughts. These were often quite random and bizarre. I wasn’t sure it would be something that worked through the whole film but actually I found them to be a great insight into the chracter. It was a bit like the advantage of reading a book in knowing what the character thinks but in film form.

The plot itself was based on a true story though the makers had evidently embelished some points and took great delight in telling us so. This film is definitely a case for the statement that the truth is stranger than fiction. It was really a very strange story but also very compelling.

In terms of Matt Damon I think this was possibly one of his best roles yet. It was brilliant to see him doing something other than bourne-alikes. It was getting a little old to keep seeing him cast in this stereotype. I know he did bourne well but this was a very different role and he also did a good job. The actor has gone up in my estimation thanks to this. If he keeps it up he just might hit my favourite list.