Winter is one of the most difficult times of year for most people. January is apparently the most depressing month and it’s often cold and people are lonely.

As a creative person these things are often felt even more keenly. It’s hard to write, paint or make anything. If we weren’t lonely at Christmas we’re probably so over loaded with socialness we just want to hide under the duvet and if we were lonely we feel sad and want to hide under the duvet. If it snows and draws us out of our cozy shell we might go gaze on the crisp beauty of it for a few moments before feeling too cold and going back to the duvet.

I had a thought about some of the thigns I’ve done to get me through the bleakness of winter.

Firstly my favourite bevarage, hot chocolate. Most people diet in January. I don’t. Why should I add to the misery of the month by stopping eating my favourite things. Dieting is best saved for march when spring is coming and new beginnings actually feel like new beginnings.

Secondly, well planned socialness. It solves both of the duvet problems. If you have commitments you made before Christmas (not too many) then you have to leave the duvet to see people and if you were lonely it means you feel a little less lonely.

Thirdly, artistic planning days. I often use January to sit down with other creatives and talk about all the creative things I want to get up to in the year. Swapping ideas and inputting into other peoples can be a great way to get excited about actually making something. Half of it you’ll not manage to do or will be forgotten about two weeks later but that’s not the point. Talking to soemone on your wavelength about art is a great booster back into working (if you’re not an artist getting together with someone in your line of work seems to help as well).

Fourthly, small daily goals. I know organisation isn’t a strong point for creatvies but I’ve found if i’m really discouraged a few days or a week or two of easily met goals give me enough satisfaction that I can start to look at bigger tasks again. I often find short stories are good to write at this time of year. They are so much quicker.

If anyone else has any tips for keeping going until Spring arrives please share them below in comments and I hope the ones I’ve suggested do some good.