I’m actually surprised I hadn’t reviewed this film earlier but I recently watched it again so I’ll do it now.

The first time I watched the film I was mildly amused by it. I’m a gamer chick so 99% of the game references made me chuckle to myself. I love the Universal intro in 8 bit, and I have to admit think the films worth watching just for the soundtrack.

I didn’t actually think a huge deal of the plot the first run through, however, and wasn’t expecting to enjoy watching it a third or fourth time. The acting wasn’t amazing but good enough and the action was a little too comic book style for me to have kittens over the fight scenes.

Surprisingly I’ve watched it a third time and found I actually enjoyed it more than the first time. Whatever it was about watching it I had a proper giggle again and found the plot had grown on me. I’m kinda hoping it wasn’t just end of the year relief (I watched it New Year’s Eve) and that it is genuinly a film that gets better with age.

It’s very current in it’s outlook on life and very appealing to the younger adults in life. Not sure it’s something I’d recommend to the parents. I doubt they’d get the gamer references let alone the lifestyle. Niche market but good niche market.