This was a blu-ray my husband and I picked up on our birthdays. we had requested it as the trailor had caught our attention and thought it looked like a cute and fun watch.

It’s about the last pair of blue Macaws and the specialist who wishes to breed them together. He approaches the owner of the male, a male which can’t fly and requests she brings her bird to Rio to mate with the female he is looking after.

There’s a brilliant double romance in this, obviously between the two birds but also between the two owners. It’s quite typical cartoon romances but still cute and fun.

I wasn’t expecting this film to be as funny as it turned out to be I have to admit. I laughed a lot even though I was working while watching and found I didn’t get any where near as much working done as I expected when I started watching.

The plot was mostly predictable but it didn’t matter. It was entertaining enough and is actually a pretty good family film.