I’d never actually seen a black and white film before I saw this one and I have to say I was really rather impressed. As someone who appreciated dialogue the most in films I was a little nervous I’d find the almost two hours of this film absolutely dull and boring. Thankfully I didn’t.

The atmosphere of 11 people together in one room probably helped, especially as we added a comment or two and occasionally put words into the mouths of the actors but it still entertained me and I think it would have done had I been alone as well.

Plot wise it wasn’t anything fantastic but for a silent film it worked well. It enabled the director to play around with the concept of a silent film and make it work in ways it wouldn’t have done when films were originally silent. It also showed some elements of the film world that actually parallel what it’s like today.

The actors were brilliant and I think did a good job of having to over exaggerate their every movement to make it come across well on the screen. That’s not something that’s easy to do and appear natural.

There was a cute and quirky sense of humour to the film as well which had me chuckling at several points. I’m sure this was also helped by the lead actors smile. He had one of those cheeky smiles which could win you over in an instant no matter what he was doing. On top of that was the dog, one of the best acting dogs I think I’ve ever seen, completely perfect.

Definitely glad I watched it as it was a brilliant piece of storytelling without the use of dialogue, something that’s really not easy to do.