This is the third in the Fast and Furious franchise and doesn’t feature any of the characters already seen, other than a brief appearance by Dom right at the end. It’s also set the latest of all five out so far.

In this film we start off in th U.S in a car race between two college kids. They both get arrested and one gets off lightly being the son of a cop. The other, however, gets shiped off to his dad in Tokyo to try and keep him out of trouble.

Naturally of course that doesn’t last. He’s soon in another car race though he has no idea how to drift and promptly crashes the car he has been loaned. The rest of the film is where the plot really kicks off. He has to work to repay the cost of the car while at the same time wants to steal the girl from the guy that beat him.

While this plot is a little more ‘teen’ than the previous two have been it still works as a good movie. It’s one of those overcoming/coming of age kinda movies where there is a task to perform and some family reconciliations along the way.

There is a little bit less of a bad guy and really being in danger feel to this one. Although there is a death it just doesn’t seem quite so bad. Maybe its the lack of shooting in comparison to the previous two but something there is a little lacking. I have always liked the blend of car chases, shooting and family fun scenes and this one doesn’t quite pull of that combo. It is definitely better than film 2, however.