This is a remake of a 1990’s film of the same name starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The original was okay, a bit weird and the effects for when they couldn’t breath were funny rather than scary but it was a decent enough plot I watched it happily. It was a typical Arnie action film for most of it.

The original plot is fairly similar to the new one so I was happy with that side of things again. Ordinary man realises he’s actually a kick-ass super agent type thing is something I usually enjoy. Bit like dragging out the first twenty minutes of bourne into an hour and adding in some extra characters.

There were some really nice camera shots too. My favourite was when Quiad is getting into his first fight with the bad guys and he’s acting on instinct and the camera does this lovely 360 spin around him as he beats them all up.

The big differences between the two films are the location; the new one wasn’t on Mars but the colony was essentially an amalgamation of Japan, New Zealand and Australia while everything else was the United Federation of Britian or UFB for short; the special effects, the new one has gone for a very classy sleak technology and it was a huge plus of the film. I found myself really wanting the new technology throughout the entire film; finally the acting, Arnold Schwarzenegger was never particularly know for his fine acting skills but there is just something more charming and normal feeling about Colin Farrel’s Quiad.

And nothing quite shows the last two differences better than seeing both this picture on the left of Arnie pulling what I think is meant to be a pained expression, surrounded by what looks like painted cardboard handlebars compared to Colin’s calm but obviously bothered look below in bright shiny metal looking things.

Basically, if you liked the first one then you’ll like the remake and if you didn’t like the first one but like action films you’ll like the remake.

I only have one very small criticism to make of the new film. I couldn’t tell the two women apart at first. Melina and Lori looked almost identical. When I first saw Quiad in bed with his ‘wife’ I thought it was the same girl he had been dreaming about only moments before and got very confused for the next few minutes while my brain tried to think back to the original plot and work out if they were meant to be the same person. Thankfully it soon clarifies that they are not the same person and I could get back to enjoying the film.