Now I’m finally writing my own fantasy I’m spending more time looking at the lovely world created by Tolkien. He was a very brilliant man and a genius in his own field of linguistics. Occasionally if you’re looking for it you will see his name along side others on particular translations of the Bible.

Lord of the rings was the first book of his I read but it was swiftly followed by the hobbit, the silmarillion and I even own a few others of the many books of stories that his son and grandson have since published.

In my opinion Lord of the rings is by far the best. I know a lot of people say it would never have been published today but I really hope it would. Yes, there is a lot of description and sometimes it feels like it drags but it is a fantastic example of an epic quest undertaken by the unlikeliest of hero.

The description is seen as a good thing by some people, however. The details in Tolkien’s world is immense. He knew where everything was and had countless notes on the little towns and big cities, the races and everything else he thought he might need to remember.

While writing my own it’s very easy to delve into what he created and get lost in it for hours and the extended editions of the three lord of the rings films are fantastic too.

On top of that there is the very awesome trailor for the first of two hobbit films out this Christmas. I can hardly wait.