I hadn’t actually been intending to see this film as I’d never heard good things about the second film in the franchise and hadn’t bothered to see it but I found myself near a cinema with not much to do and rain I wanted to get out of so this film made it to my seen list.

Thankfully the film was stand alone enough that having not watched men in black 2 I still knew what was going on and could work out who everyone was. A serious plus for the film. Also thanks to Captain America I had gained a greater appreciation for the acting skills of Tommy Lee Jones.

This whole franchise does seem to be a bit more of a focus on Will Smith though and the silly things he does in pursuit of earth destroying aliens. While no way near as good as the first I found myself well enough amused and chuckling out loud a number of times despite the people around me seeming to be a little nervous about laughing out loud. There was definitely a few moments where quite a few people went to laugh out loud but due to the quietness of the room I was the only person who managed to get a proper laugh out, which of course makes it even worse next time.

I really don’t think the film was meant to be taken seriously but I think the kids will love it and adults won’t mind taking any sprogs they’ve got. Probably won’t bother watching it again though, unless I find myself in a room full of other people who want to watch it.